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Our team has the experience to find the right installation specific to your property. Our energy-extracting loop systems can be installed vertically, horizontally and even in ponds. These state-of-the-art geothermal systems in New Brunswick can replace your old gas units or can be used in conjunction with existing units to make them more efficient. We have a solution that makes sense for you – and your budget. Take a few minutes to learn more about the residential and commercial products from WaterFurnace.


Atlantic Loop Master Ltd. provides everything you need to enjoy a new geothermal system, including:

  • Design

  • Drilling

  • Installation

Using technologically advanced products from WaterFurnace, Atlantic Loop Master Ltd., an affiliate of ConAir Ventilation Ltd., offers you money saving geothermal energy solutions that are ecologically responsible. Whether you are a homeowner, small business owner or an industrial client, we have a clean energy solution for you. Let us provide an analysis of your current heating system and give you a free estimate.

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Why Choose Geothermal Heating?

Geothermal heating systems work in a very unique way to naturally provide a heat source to a building or other environment. The Earth stores heat within it. In fact, it maintains at a heat of about 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. ConAir Ventilation Ltd. offers residents of New Brunswick an eco-responsible solution that will reduce their heating costs. This is a maintained number that indicates it is completely renewable when it is tapped into. And, it is natural meaning there are no chemicals or side effects from using this type of heating source. Yet, it is powerful enough to heat an entire building without furnaces or boilers.


Performance and Reliability

Not only can geothermal heating systems provide heat to a building, but it can actually cool it as well. Of course, not only are these system useful for reducing the cost of the energy bill, but they are a clean, natural and renewable energy source which makes them good for everyone and the Earth. The use of geothermal heating systems is one that is expected to grow since it has been proven to work well in some of the harshest of Canadian climates.

7 Series variable speed

The best of the best, offers unmatched

comfort and savings

Fully Variable Speed Unit

3 to 5 Ton Sizes

Efficiency up to 5.3 COP and 41.0 EER

Performance Monitoring & Onboard Diagnostic

5 Series (500A11)

The flagship residential line that

offers unbeatable savings

Heating, Cooling & Domestic Hot Water

1 to 6 Ton Sizes

Stages of heating/cooling :

3 Heat (with aux.) 2 Cool

Performance Monitoring & Onboard Diagnostic

Synergy 3D (SDV)

Screen Shot 2020-06-20 at 4.13.24 PM-2.p

The ultimate in comfort for homes with forced air and radiant infloor


Heating, Cooling, Domestic Hot Water & Radiant Infloor

3 to 6 Ton Capacity

Stages of heating/cooling:

3 Heat (with aux.) 2 Cool + Radiant Heat

Premier Control With Onboard Diagnostic

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Installing a Water Furnace system is the environmental equivalent of planting 750 trees or removing two cars from the road. No fossil fuel means no harmful emissions or greenhouse gases.

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Water Furnace systems do not require noisy outdoor units that create unsightly additions to your home’s appearance.

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The Water Furnace reputation for reliability has been earned by using only the highest quality components, design and workmanship.

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Providing you with an unheard of 400% efficiency, the Envision system delivers $4 of free earth energy for every $1 of electrical energy used.

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The high efficiency of the Envision system gives you incredible energy savings, which usually more than offsets any additional installation costs within 8-10 years.

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One compact Water Furnace unit provides heating, central air conditioning and supplemental domestic hot water.

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High-efficiency air cleaners found in Water Furnace systems keep your indoor air quality clean, removing dust and pollen so you can breathe easier.

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Water Furnace systems provide consistent and comfortable heating and cooling. The optional zone control system lets you control the temperature in four different areas of your home.

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The Water Furnace reputation for reliability has been earned by using only the highest quality components, design and workmanship.



A decrease in energy costs of up to 65%.


A decrease in maintenance costs of up to 40%.

Improves the level of comfort and security
(no combustible fuel).

Environment friendly.

Requires 30 to 50% less refrigerant than conventional systems.

The underground closed-loop circuits require
no maintenance.

These systems are an investment that greatly increases the value of a property. As energy costs continue to increase, homes that are equipped with geothermal systems will have a greater re-sale value than similar homes equipped with conventional systems.

Professional Affiliation


Atlantic Loop Master Ltd. is a proud dealer of WaterFurnace

Try their geothermal savings calculator

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